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What's Your Revival Story?

Witten March 19, 2018, when I started modelling again after taking a year break, I started loving myself in a whole new way. Realizing the pain, I put my body through over 9 years of abuse has made me appreciate the temple I am in on a whole other level. If you know anyone that is going through anything health-related, please reach out to me!

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It all started when I was 15 years old. I was not happy with myself, looking in the mirror, telling myself that I’m ugly, fat, not good enough - all those lies that girls tell themselves. The self-doubt, self-conscious extremes that girls put themselves through. When I started taking diet pills and little did I know the significant consequences I was going to face. In and out of hospitals countless times and never get the answer that I needed. The endless worrying, wondering if I’ll ever feel normal and healthy again. Facing death head-on, trying to regain strength, confidence, self-worth, self-love and ambition to better myself. I was sick for nine years, and who knew from that small choice, from that one choice, that it would lead me to such drastic lessons to be learned. Well...I Am Here Now. What Is Your Revival Story?

Age 15 - Before I started taking diet pills
4 years after taking diet pills for 3 years straight and I still thought I was fat!
Me in 2018 doing a photoshoot for REVIVAL Co. 140 lbs and healthy

Please reach out to me with any health-related issues you or a loved one is experiencing. I will be sure to help in any way I can!