The Pandemic Takeover

Written March 20, 2020

6 min read

It boggles my mind what can happen in such a short period. . . 💭

A little over a month ago, a trip out west to Vegas sparked a feeling within Nick and me. That feeling led to significant changes and a substantial courageous move! We set out to what we always dreamed of doing, and nothing was going to stop us. Within a week of coming back home, which was New Orleans at the time, we decided to go for what we set out to do. We sold all of our furniture and basically what we could not fit into our car. All we kept was our essentials and hit the road.

For the past month, we have been living out of our car. In between states and cities, we have tented on some beautiful land. We also had the privilege to work alongside a production company. Thinking that all this would be easier said than done (it has been an enormous eye-opener), we finally decided to find our home base where we originally planned; that was Santa Monica, California. We arrived out here last week, and everything was aligned; we were about to get a home base, Nick was going to get a job, and everything we set out for was coming into fruition. Only a matter of days after, businesses started shutting down, and the quarantine slowly emerged.

Not being a huge advocate on the news, we didn’t really know what was going on at first or that it was that big of a deal. Only until we went to go buy jam one night and the shelves were empty. Three days after that, we tried to find rice, driving to every grocery store around the area. Once we started seeing the shelves empty, lines as long as the grocery store and people lined up waiting outside before the grocery store’s opened, it began to sink in. Then the gyms and stores started closing. Coffee shops removed their tables, and certain restaurants only having takeout. Suddenly there was barely anyone walking the streets. Portable showers, toilets and sinks were being driven through the streets for the homeless - it all started to hit me. Not knowing the next move or not knowing when this will blow over is scary.

As Nick and I sleep in our car, I wake up every morning hoping that everything will get better, everything will go back to normal, things will get more accessible, and this will end. That was a week ago; it really began, and here we are. This is real & it is affecting every single human on earth. I hope with all my being, this is for something so much higher than we can imagine, that we all can come together with more love, kindness, forgiveness & compassion. I hope after all this we won’t see money & greed as our motivation. I hope we know that living, being present, finding our joy & love to be our motivation. Now that we all have the time to stop & pause, it’s time to be grateful, patient, kind with yourself, your loved ones & simply be. Truthfully this process has not been easy & I’m sure that goes for everyone. Every day is a struggle to not stress that there is no income flowing in. That goes for every single person. It’s not easy & no one is alone in this process. We need to remember, everyone is affected by this pandemic—some more than others. So remember to have patience, be kind & hope that everything will get better soon. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Much love!