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Deep Breaths

In 2014, after finally getting on the right track with my health in all aspects, I started going to yoga daily and learned how important breathing was within our bodies!

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There is nothing better than to take deep breaths. It is all around good for your mind, body and soul, to feel the fullness of overall air fill inside. For it to let you know what's hurting, missing or needs attention. Deep breathing through your belly is so beneficial for your health and helps you become conscious of your well-being. Shallow breathing through your chest causes constriction over time that can lead to health concerns. But you can improve it all by practicing Deep Breathing. The diaphragm's expansion and contraction actually stimulate your lymphatic system and massages your internal organs, helping the body rid itself of toxins and leaving more room in the cells for an optimal exchange of oxygen. While you are helping your body cleanse, you will also be fighting stress, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation, high blood pressure, weight gain, muscle loss, etc.

A book I highly recommend to learn more about the benefits of deep breathing plus focused breathing in certain area of your body is;

The Realization Process
Author: Judith Blackstone

Don't forget to take a deep breath! #Namaste