Strength & Perseverance

Written December 20, 2019

3 min read

My strength & perseverance comes from

Everything I have endured in my past. Before I was in the limelight, I suffered significant addictions & digestive problems; enough to kill me twice. I have shared parts of my story a few times throughout my journey, but I thought I’d recap briefly for those of you who may not have heard yet.

Those who know me personally

Understand the struggles I have encountered over the past 10 years, but those who follow me on Instagram may see only the side of my life that some would say, “Seems like a Dream.” Once I got my overall health somewhat under control in 2014, I started to pursue my passion within the modelling & makeup industry. My dream was to be an international model/makeup artist, to travel & create unique art. I put all my energy into those two passions for many years, which brought me to many beautiful places & life-changing experiences.

I had the pleasure of working with numerous amounts

Of talented & creative individuals, got callbacks from a few of the biggest agencies in the world, was displayed on billboards in Edmonton, Alberta, published in a few magazines, helped run an agency & was renowned the most booked Model in Calgary, Alberta in 2018. It can seem like a dream, but I started feeling more & more empty inside as time went on.

After undergoing a turmoil of events for many years

& a few incidents that could have been fatal, I began to lose myself, my passions, & purpose. I became afraid to express myself & couldn’t make more than one thought out at a time without becoming so stressed I would shut down. I experienced ultimate darkness in which I couldn’t see past the light. In those dark times, I managed to push through, started making intuitive decisions again, took back control & eventually, the light began to shine again.

The moral of the story;

Love yourself first, trust your intuition, be brave, believe in the higher power, embrace your soul & release your ego. Find gratitude in all circumstances, good & bad. Open your mind & heart, which in turn you will find your destiny. Even if it leads you down a path that you may have never seen coming - you can make it your own.