Since We Said I Do

Written May 16, 2020

3 min read

6 Months; 26 Weeks; 182 Days. . .

262,080 Minutes & 110,073,600 Seconds

Since We Said “I Do” To Forever & Always.

Nick & I met a little over 4 years ago. Both of us at our peak & living the “high life”... But still searching for that one thing, the thing that made us feel whole & the purpose of simply being.

From the first moment we made eye contact, it’s as if we knew each other our whole lives, our souls reunited & finally felt whole. Due to us being on our own journey, we had to go our separate ways. It was hard, but I always felt like I would see Nick again. We kept in touch here & there over the years, with still that feeling inside my mind wondering, “What If”?

After both of us getting knocked down & undergoing trauma in all aspects, we were both back to; searching for that one thing.

One day last August, out of the blue, Nick popped up in my mind. I got the courage to find him on Instagram & message him, not knowing what the outcome would be. That resulted in us planning a trip to see each other within minutes of texting. Later that night, when I got off work, we FaceTimed for the first time in 3.5 years & didn’t stop talking until the sun came up. It was as if the time between when we first met didn’t happen & I felt like I had my other half back. We talked every day, all day, for hours on end. I never knew a connection like this.

After spending a few days together, which felt like an eternity, we didn’t want to go our separate ways again. Our souls were ready to become one. I went back to Canada, sold all my belongings & packed only my essentials to bring with me. Scared, excited & filled with all emotions, I knew this was significantly different.

Now looking back, our paths crossed both at our highest & lowest points in life, but no matter where we were on our journey, everything made sense with pure balance when we reunited. We both had to go through all the highs, lows, hurt, searching & overcoming to become who we are in this moment, individually & in unity. That way, we can be more assertive in our faith, commitment & unconditional love for one another.

I hope everyone can/have found this love; it makes everything worth it!