Shadows Of Light

Written April 26, 2020

3 min read

I felt you in the shadows

In the dark and unfilled spaces

Always wondering if you would show your faces

I spoke out to God and the Angels above

Who protected me with their Eternal Love

Gradually as I grew older

I had no one looking over my shoulder

Seeing all the pain with my sister

Something crept in and slowly took her; I miss her. 

I started to lose sight of my faith in you 

Getting wrapped up in what teenagers do

As the years went by, seeing every disguise

No more did I know who to look in the eyes

It was a scary place to be

When all they wanted was me

I knew I always needed you

Searching to find my way back through every clue

The closer I got to you, the further I fell

Why should anyone have to go through such hell

I lost sight of who I was

All because of lust

It crept in and slowly took me to

From all the fear and insecurities, it knew

It was such a powerful presence

That everything around me was of its essence

You would still guide me through

Even the little facts I knew

When I broke free, I felt so light 

But what I feared most was the night

No more did I feel you in the dark and unfilled spaces

I saw all their faces

I fell and was in lust

I had no one to trust

You called out to me as I grew stronger

To let go of what was no longer

I slowly took back what I had given

As that was no way I should have been living

You gave me signs and many learning lessons.

To show me you were still there as things lessened.

You guided me through my mind

Knowing what I would find

An Angel sent from above

To show me Eternal Love

Someone to look over my shoulder 

As I grew older

You will protect my heart

That I always knew from the start