Life Has Its Way

Written November 7, 2019, shortly after I moved down to New Orleans to be with my husband to be. I had mini enlightenment...

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Life has its way of showing you everything you need to know as it's always right in front of you. Sometimes, we are blinded by our ego, lust, fear, insecurities and/or envy. These are all as many people could agree with issues I've had to battle and overcome. You may think you need to be elsewhere throughout the journey, striving for the best, hoping for a different present and a better future. Little do you know, you are always right where you are supposed to be. We are all here for a reason, and one is to find our soul's purpose. It is to go through life's lessons, learn, grow, adapt and continually reach the next level. That is only if you allow yourself to awaken to all possibilities. If you do not realize the lesson, you will do a vicious circle of karma. Life will gradually break you down and make you start all over again. Once you align, balance and see the life you want to create, it will all come to you at the right time.

The moment I started creating healthier habits was when I noticed gradual improvements. Healthier habits make more of an abundance within yourself and opportunities around you. Once you develop good habits, visualize and manifest, life will present you with the reality you are destined for.

If you want to talk about the point, you are at in your life or a hurdle you may be working through, please reach out to me!