Lake Mead, Nevada

Written April 20, 2020

3 min read

Today I Embarked On An Invigorating Solo Hike And Rock Climbing Adventure To Embrace The Sun On Top Of A Mountain.

With my headphones on and tuned into the flow, I experienced a new feeling of endurance, trust and balance within myself and the earth around me. Using only what was naturally occurring around me to climb up was in itself a powerful feeling. The trust to take the right path, climb the suitable rocks and hold balance was purely gratifying.

The most important thing I learned from what I endured is to consciously breathe with every movement, knowing the next move ahead of time, being aware of my surroundings, listening to my intuition and, of course, enjoying the moment.

It is crucial to take time for yourself right now and make sure your health in all aspects is being taken care of. Also, learning to have Hope in these uncertain times will obtain inner security and balance within.

It is easy to get stuck in a fearful and uncertain mindset with this worldwide pandemic going on. Which can blind us from available new possibilities. Learning to embrace different feelings within can create room for creativity, personal development and growth. To find the Power in Hope, you need to activate self-awareness that will transform your reality and allow you to see the light despite all the darkness more calmly and clearly.

There is so much beautiful potential around and within each one of us.

Now is time to embrace all of who you are!

All The Love,