Everything Is Temporary

Written September 9, 2018, after moving out of what I thought was my dream home, overlooking the downtown of Calgary and the Rocky Mountains.

5 min read

What I have learned is that everything is temporary. When you think that everything is aligning - you have your dream job, dream home, dream life — things can change instantly. Everything is constantly changing; everything is continuously flowing on the path you are destined to go on. So when something gets thrown at you, it’s better to look at it as what is this trying to teach me?

The truth is – life is tough. Face it; life sucks, it breaks you down, it pushes you to your limits. Yet life is beautiful, inspiring and motivating. In favour, it teaches you all that you need to learn to make you stronger and willing to continue down the path you are meant to go on in your lifetime. When people say everything happens for a reason, you might think, oh, that is a silly way of thinking. In all honesty, everything does happen for a reason. If you keep this mindset, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture, awaken to how life truly works and how your life is planned out ahead of you.

You can’t change anything; you can look back at the past and wish that you could’ve done something differently, you could’ve done this, you could’ve done that. You could’ve worked a different job, been in the other relationship, gone to school, not spent all that money, not be in debt, been happier, or you could’ve been less sad. Think — everything that you have been through and will go through is what you are meant to have lived. You can keep dwelling on bad things and hoping they were better, or you can change. You can change your mindset, you can change where you are, you can change your job, you can change where you live, you can change anything you want. It comes down to that willingness and courage to go forth on what you are truly destined to do.

Everybody gets stuck sometimes. Everybody gets scared. Everybody has fear running over their head as potentially not having enough money, not being good enough, not smart enough, or making the wrong decision. If you never jump, if you never produce that choice, you’ll never know. When you think you have your dream job, dream home and dream life, everything can change instantly. Doesn’t matter where you are, who you with or what you’re doing. If you’re not happy and you don’t have that peace of mind with what you are doing every single day, you will continue to dig yourself down deeper and deeper into actual depression.

Some people may tell you that you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that. Oh, be careful Oh, this will happen. Does anyone ever listen to anybody else’s advice? No! You need to experience, learn to make decisions for yourself, take the chance, and see if this the path you are destined to be on, or it was just a temporary experience on the journey. After that experience - what did you learn? Did you understand that maybe there is no dream anything? That it is only the present moment that matters. Then one day, you will have awakened and realized that this is your dream, this is your reality, this is your life, and you can choose to live however you like.

Be grateful for every lesson that you have and will learn in your lifetime. Be thankful for being strong, moving forward and letting go of everything that has ever brought you down more profound than you’ve ever thought you would go. Rise above and become the most beautiful best version of yourself and inspire others to do the same. We are all awakening on a different level; we are all awakening that we are one and life isn’t easy. We need to express that more. We need to say that it’s not about money, cars, houses, material things or having the most money ever! We need to express that our emotions are important, that what we feel is important, that how we love is essential.

We’re all racing to be something - to be the next biggest thing. We’re all running to make the most money - to be the best version of ourselves. For a moment each day, maybe take a step back and realize we are all in this together. Each and every individual matter! It doesn’t matter if you are not making as much money as a person you’re following on social media. It doesn’t matter that you’re not doing all the things that all these people are doing on social media. You need to remember that every single post on social media isn’t always the truth, and the truth lies within you as to what is real. Your family, love, peace of mind, content with your life and not living by curiously through a screen. Knowing that what you were doing is enough!