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Enjoy The Little Things

Written September 30, 2020, right when fall was arriving in Biloxi, MS. After an extremely humid, stormy summer, it was nice to sit outside and enjoy the sound of Nature for a moment.

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Enjoy The Little Things While You Can.
Appreciate Everything Around You,
Embrace Your Current Nature,
Stop And Smell The Flowers,
Take Deep Breaths And
Hear The Birds Sing.

That really requires;

Tuning out all the internal chatter and external noise going on. It takes grounding yourself in the present moment, not thinking about what should have been done or what should be done.

Take a moment to stop,

For at least one minute (to start) and what may sound absurd is one minute seems like nothing. So intentionally set a timer for one minute - sit still, clear everything from your mind, take long, deep breaths and really feel into everything. You should notice a difference after ONE MINUTE! After you have mastered one minute, up it and keep going!

Whatever current state you are in,

Physically, emotionally or mentally. There is always time you can take for yourself. To center back into yourself, so you do not get caught up and lost in the chaos around you.

I am not saying chaos is bad or good,

But I am talking about all the noise, energy, and commotion that people do not consider on a day-to-day basis. Where people do not disconnect from their external world to really feel what is going on within themselves.

So all I am saying today is;

One Minute Of Your Time, Stop For Yourself To Breathe, Be With Yourself And Be In The Present Moment.

Even Through All The Commotion
In Life, You Can Still Find Peace.