Chasing Dreams

Written October 27, 2020

4 min read

Amazing to think 8 months ago, we packed up our little car and headed out west to chase a dream. Only to get thrown every which way. All while stuck in the pandemic, no home, nowhere to be and living out of our car...

Without that experience and risk, we wouldn’t have made the opportunities for ourselves that are presented to us today. As well as learning major life lessons along the way. Since then, we travelled the majority of western states just going with the flow, but regardless of all the freedom we had, there were still many hurdles to overcome.

Without hurdles in life, there is no growth and expansion into who you are destined to be. To strive for your desires, there need to be uncomfortable times, change and adaptability.

Once again, Nick and I were delivered a vital decision we needed to make in a concise amount of time. At first, it came with overwhelming emotions, but once we really sat with it. The answer just seemed clear. To manifest your life into what you truly want it to be, takes courage and sometimes gut-wrenching faith to jump into the unknown.

It seems like that is a common theme that happens in our lives. We can never get too comfortable and always need to keep going, growing and flowing.

It is crucial to listen to your inner pull, that feeling of intuition, the lightness that comes with a thought. Even if it seems impossible, it really..simply is possible. It’s a state of mind, a trust like no other, no matter what crazy life choice you make - it is going to work out for the best.

Even if it sucks for a little bit, well, there is always gratitude for bringing you back into the now. To know you are right where you are supposed to be; learning, growing, making connections and really living.

Need advice in getting unstuck? Please, Reach out to me! :)

All the love & light;